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so suppose I have

class B extends A{}

and B contains a whole bunch of class constants

Is there a way to define a static function in A that would fetch all class constants in the calling child class?

So for example is there a way to define static function getChildConstants() in A

such that if you call B::getChildConstants() (B can access this function since B extends A), this function would return all the class constants in B. Moreover, this function must be defined in A only. ie, I don't want to have to reimplement getChildCosntants() in B.

This is so that for any class that extends A, I can easily get the constants of such class without having to reimplement/rewrite/copy and paste getChildConstants() into chose children classes over and over again

so I want a universal constants fetching function in A such that for any class that extends A, I can get the class constants of such class by simply calling this universal constants fetching function that was defined in A

I must reiterate that the getChildConstant() function must be static

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You don't need to define a function for that. You can use reflection directly on child classes.

$reflector = new ReflectionClass('B');

Will this satisfy your needs?

get all class constants

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