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I have a multi-project Scala workspace in eclipse. I think I'm getting hosed by my lack of understanding of the way Scala imports packages, but after spending more time than I care to admit looking for a solution, I can't figure this one out. I have recreated the problem in a simple 2 project setup.

Project 1: com.foo.mathematics contains a simple Vector class

Contains one file:

package com.foo.mathematics    

class Vector2D(x : Double, y : Double) {

  def length = math.sqrt(x*x + y*y)


Project 2: com.foo.analysis

package com.foo.analysis

import com.foo.mathematics.Vector2D

class Frame(xAxis : Vector2D, yAxis : Vector2D) {


Eclipse shows an error in the import line, The error message that I get is: Object mathematics is not a member of the package com.foo.

In the outline view, my import statement says this:

com.foo.analysis.<error: <none>>.Vector2D

I have tried changing the import to:

import mathematics.Vector2D

import _root_.com.foo.mathematics.Vector2D

neither one works...

What am I missing?

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Try to clean all projects. Build project 1, then in project 2, delete import line, then try typing import com.fo[CTRL-SPACE], does it complete? If it does, then type CTRL-SPACE again, does it offer mathmatics and analysis? –  huynhjl Oct 29 '11 at 6:42
I managed to fix it with a heavy-handed root usage. –  fbl Oct 29 '11 at 16:16

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Both import com.foo.mathmatics.Vector2D and import _root_.com.foo.mathmatics.Vector2D should be fine. Most likely you either haven't added the first project to the build path of the second (see Build Path > Configure Build Path in the context menu), or need to clean the second project (Project > Build Clean) after making changes in the first project.

(Also, mathmatics looks like a typo for mathematics, so double check that you really have the same name in both places.)

Relative package imports don't come into it, they just mean you could write it this way:

package com.foo
package analysis
import mathmatics.Vector2D

class Frame(xAxis : Vector2D, yAxis : Vector2D) {

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Thanks. I had mistyped in my original question (the perils of asking questions at 2:00 AM), but the code was fine. I managed to resolve the issue in my 'real' project by very deliberately applying root imports to every import in every .scala file in the projects. After several clean/build cycles I think I have it working. One other thing that I had to do occasionally was remove the dependent library from my build path and then re-add it. Not sure why that helped but it did. –  fbl Oct 29 '11 at 16:16
_root_ shouldn't be needed if you 1) follow the normal reversed URL convention (which you seem to do) and 2) don't have packages called com, org, etc. nested within other packages. Strange... Do you have the latest Scala IDE (2.0 beta 11)? The last time I had dependency problems like this was quite a few versions ago. –  Alexey Romanov Oct 29 '11 at 18:58
I do have the latest Scala IDE and version of Eclipse. The _root_ thing isn't too bad once you know what you need to do. Thanks for the help. –  fbl Oct 29 '11 at 23:00
I have the same problem. I have tried adding the project (on the Project tab) and adding the the class folder (on the Libraries tab). Is there another way to add classes from another project that I am missing? –  Jay Elston Sep 21 at 17:08

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