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There is a lot of information about using OmniAuth and Devise to be able to login to a webapp using facebook and twitter. However, I am trying to write my own OAuth provider and not use fb/twitter etc. (and failing to find examples).

I basically want to have two apps - a UserManager which has a table of users, and WebApp1 (and possible more in the future). I want a user to be able to go to WebApp1 and be redirected to the UserMAnager to be able to login, and then be redirected back to WebApp1. I don't want WebApp1 to have a table of users.

Can I have some pointers? At this stage I believe I need Devise in both apps, and OmniAuth in WebApp1, although I'm not 100% certain.

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Not sure if you still have this as a question.

There is a nice writeup that sounds very similar to your use case.


Best of luck

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