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here i am using the blackberry 8520 to display the timepicker. i want to set the time as 10:00:00 upto when the timepickerstarts to change the time in the simuator

         public void run()
            //create timepicker by using this method
            //by using this simpledateformat we set time format 
             SimpleDateFormat timeFormat = new SimpleDateFormat("hh:mm:ss aa"); 
            DateTimePicker datepicker = DateTimePicker.createInstance(Calendar.getInstance(),null,"hh:mm:ss aa");
            StringBuffer datestrTime=new StringBuffer();
            //by using this method we get date from system date&time
            Calendar cal = datepicker.getDateTime();       

            timeFormat.format(cal,datestrTime, null);

            // we are taking the current time from the system and displaying in the label field 

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use the below code:

Calendar cal = Calendar.getInstance();

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