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I need to use WSO2 Identity server for OAuth token management. Is there an api available for operations like request token, validate a token and other relevant functions. I am trying to secure my spring3 REST web application using IS.

AS: Glassfish
Java : 1.6
FW: Spring3
Build tool:maven
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Yes.. WSO2 Identity Server can be used to cater this requirement..

Please have a look at http://blog.facilelogin.com/2011/07/integrating-3-legged-oauth-with-xacml.html for further details...

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Hi Prabath, thanks for the link. Can I skip the ESB. My flow would be.. 1. Manage users IS 2. request a token (consumer App + IS) to access a service application 3. validate token ( service App + IS) 4. IS returns some user profile data 5. Further logic executed by service app depending on user profile/role. –  art9786 Nov 2 '11 at 13:51

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