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I'd like to setup Google Webmasters on my Play! website via an HTML page. Google game me a specific html page, which they ask I put at

I put the file in the public/html folder of my app, I tried adding this rule to Play!'s routes file:

GET /someuniqhehash.html staticDir:public/html/someuniquehash.html

Yet when I access this URL, I get a 404:

These routes have been tried, in this order :

GET       /@documentation/cheatsheet/{category}             PlayDocumentation.cheatSheet
GET       /@documentation/modules/{module}/files/{name}     PlayDocumentation.file
GET       /@documentation/modules/{module}/images/{name}    PlayDocumentation.image
GET       /@documentation/modules/{module}/{id}   
GET       /@documentation/files/{name}                      PlayDocumentation.file
GET       /@documentation/images/{name}                     PlayDocumentation.image
GET       /@documentation/{id}                    
GET       /@documentation/?                                 PlayDocumentation.index
GET       /                                                 Application.index
GET       /someuniquehash.html/                     staticDir:public/html/someuniquehash.html
GET       /favicon.ico                                      404
GET       /public/                                          staticDir:public
GET       /{action}                                         Application.{action}
*         /{controller}/{action}                            {controller}.{action}

How can I configure a route for this specific static file?

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You need to use staticFile, and not staticDir.

Your route therefore should be

GET     /someuniquehash.html         staticFile:/public/html/someuniquehash.html
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how would I point to this /someuniquehash.html in a template? I'm now using ${play.Play.configuration.getProperty("application.baseUrl")}/... but there should be a cleaner way? – Somatik Apr 6 '12 at 14:23
in exactly the same way you would point to any static content. – Codemwnci Apr 6 '12 at 17:38
but then I end up with the "GET /public/ staticDir:public" url instead of my "GET /termsofservice staticFile:/public/tos.txt" – Somatik Apr 9 '12 at 13:20
@{'public/tos.txt'} -> .../public/tos.txt instead of .../termsofservice even if the /termsofservice route is defined before the general public route – Somatik Apr 9 '12 at 13:31

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