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This is more a comment than a question. While programming in C# and playing around with REST and inputting all sorts of crazy and illegally formatted REST commands in the browser associated with Visual Studio 2010 Professional edition, running on Windows 7 Pro, I somehow corrupted the Visual Studio 2010 development server. I read everything I could on the net for about two hours. Some links below. I was hesitant to delete the project cache as they seem to be .zip files, but I tried a lot of things, including rebooting, and installing CCleaner, a freeware program which is great at clearing cookies and temporary files. I also manually set the port in Cassini from 'auto port' (Google this on how to do it--your right click the Project and it's under the Web tab). Of course I cleaned the solution and recompiled many times. I deleted the /obj and /bin files in my solution and recompiled. I did other things too that I don't even recall.

Nothing worked. I even read some horror stories where the guy had to reinstall Visual Studio (and still the problem persisted). Note I am using Cassini not IIS.

Long story short: I finally simply loaded a nearly identical version of the program I was working on--there was almost no change insofar as I could tell--I had added a few comments in my newer code--nothing major. And much to my surprise Cassini was "reset" by this earlier program and now seems to be OK.

Moral: always backup versions. And I have no idea how Cassini is now OK--and surprisingly is even using the same old port.

A cautionary tale in case somebody else runs across this problem.


clear cache for Cassini Visual Studio 2010 development server, poisoned DNS

to change the ports in Cassini Visual Studio 2010 development server, see: (Quickly Clear the Browser Cache while Developing Client-Side Apps in Visual Studio 2010)

You can delete the project cache at "Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\IDE\ProjectTemplatesCache", then run "devenv /setup" to build the cache again to see if it helps.

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Not sure that it was Cassini's fault after all, but in any event this post does give useful advice on how to clear the cache in Visual Studio 2010 development server, which does get clogged up on occasion. – user1019776 Nov 5 '11 at 19:53

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