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I have this folder structure:

-- Folder A
---- Folder B
------ Folder C

They exist my repo and now I got a clean folder structure outside SVN with almost the exact same structure (some folders and files may have been added/updated)

Something like:

-- Folder A
---- Folder B
------ Folder C
---- Folder D

Is there an easy way to get the new changes without having to remove (svn delete, svn commit) the old structure and adding the new one?

I don't want to do this folder by folder since there can be a lot of nested folders.

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Erm, haven't you only added a Folder D? – sbi Oct 29 '11 at 13:26
If execute svn delete and add the new structure then you loose the history links between all files. Usually that's a very bad thing. – A.H. Oct 29 '11 at 13:35
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You can use which is doing exact what you need:

  • check out a directory from Repository
  • replace all changed files
  • add all new files/folders
  • remove obsolete file/folders

You can get it here

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If you are sure, that no files / dirs have been deleted in the new structure I would do this:

  • checkout the "old" structure into a fresh working copy.
  • copy the "new" structure (without any ".svn" dirs) over the "old" one.
  • use "svn status" to find and fix the differences.

Deletions would not be detected by this procedure.

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