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I want to use a webservice with a method "verifyTransaction" that get two strings as input and return a double as output. I used the code below for that:

client = Savon::Client.new do |wsdl|
    wsdl.document = "https://www.myserver.com/ReferencePayment?WSDL"

response = client.request :wsdl, "verifyTransaction" do
  soap.body ={"RefNum" => "121312", "MerchantID" => "02233763"}

but the I got this error:

Savon::SOAP::Fault ((env:Client) caught exception while handling request: unexpected encoding style: expected=http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/, actual=)

I've been reading all the resources on web but I couldn't find any solutions. Please help me with this.

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It seems the WSDL you are trying to download does not have the expected format? –  nathanvda Oct 29 '11 at 15:06
What's the expected format for the wsdl? I'm pretty sure that the WSDL should be fine. It's from a financial institution and many users are already using it. –  Amin Y Oct 29 '11 at 19:51
without WSDL it's almost impossible to help you. Is there a public URL available? –  Steffen Roller Oct 30 '11 at 15:21

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I solved the problem by using SoapUI and Savon.

I've opened the WSDL in SoapUI, generate a sample requests and copy/paste it into Savon like this:

client = Savon::Client.new do |wsdl|
    wsdl.document = "https://acquirer.sb24.com/ref-payment/ws/ReferencePayment?WSDL"

response = client.request "verifyTransaction" do
  soap.xml = 'XML will be here'

It worked fine! :)

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