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I'm really trying to get the hang of all of this, and it took me by surprise that to build a blog is essentially requiring me to learn PHP/JS/Jquery/MySQL/AS/etc. etc.

The coding community is extremely generous on offering solutions, but what I find consistently missing is where to put code, and a basic description of the why. I would love to learn in a way that I can actually understand.

My current issue, then, is a great example. Basically, I am trying to figure out how to trigger a particular frame in a flash swf from jQuery - I have am swf that I would like triggered in a certain spot when a lightbox plugin I am using closes.

Now I ran across an SO post here:

Trigger flash button object via javascript

there are a few others, but this struck me as the clearest. However, as usual, I am looking at code and am not quite sure where it goes, how it relates, or how it functions.

In the current jQuery plugin that I am using, the function that seems to be related to closing the lightbox window (the even that I want to trigger off of) is in two files, the core file and the skin file, and looks like this:


onClose : noop,
Line 142: S.close = function () {
Line 157:   S.options.onClose(S.getCurrent());
Line 158:   S.skin.onClose();
Line 497:       a = S.close;


var overlayOn = false, visibilityCache = [], pngIds = ["sb-nav-close", "sb-nav-next", "sb-nav-play", "sb-nav-pause", "sb-nav-previous"], container, overlay, wrapper,     doWindowResize = true;
toggleNav("close", n);
<a id="sb-nav-close" title="{close}" onclick="Shadowbox.close()"></a>
<a id="sb-nav-close" title="{close}" onclick="Shadowbox.close()"></a>
<a id="sb-nav-close" title="{close}" onclick="Shadowbox.close()"></a>
addEvent(overlay, "click", S.close)
K.onClose = function () {
removeEvent(overlay, "click", S.close);

Now the SO post I referred to...

For me, it seems like you create a function within the actionscript of the SWF file, you then add the ability of that function being called by using ExternalInterface (although I have no idea how "addCallback" relates), and then the last part of the code really has me scratching my head: is it getting the ID of the swf file and performing the function within it?

All of these things considered, I still don't know even where to place such code in the jQuery files I referred to above. If I want the jQuery plugin to trigger a particular function in actionscript when the user closes the lightbox, would it be appropriate to place the code in S.close, S.skin.onClose, in the skin file? In the core file? In a separate .js file that I call in the head of the page that will perform this function every time the close occurs?

My head is spinning.

Thank you for this page, it's a great resource.


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