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I'm trying to do a bundle install but I'm getting the error Could not find bson-1.4.0 in any of the sources. I believe bson-1.4.0 is a requirement for mongoid ~> 2.0 which is in my Gemfile.

When I try gem install -v 1.4.0 bson, I get the error

ERROR:  Could not find a valid gem 'bson' (= 1.4.0), here is why:
          Found bson (1.4.0), but was for platform jruby

the bundle install works fine on my development machine (running OSX 10.6.8), but I'm having this problem on a 64-Bit Amazon EC2 instance.

If I try requesting an earlier version, then do a bundle update, I get the error

Could not find gem 'bson (= 1.4.0) x86-mingw32', which is required by gem 'mongo (~> 1.3) x86-mingw32', in any of the sources.

could it be because of it being 64bit? Any possible workarounds?

running rails 3.0.10

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I had this exact problem earlier today. It turns out v1.4 and v1.4.1 have been removed from rubygems.org. I managed to get around it by downloading the gem files manually and installing to the app.


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got it, thanks for the link that explained what's going on! I think it's best if we wait for v1.4.2 for now. – Daniel Oct 30 '11 at 11:12

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