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So here's my code

int find_h(int i, int j, int current[N+1][N], int goal[N+1][N])
  int sum=0;
  int a, b;
  int cp[N*3], gp[N*3];
      printf("b = %d\n", b);
  return sum;

N=4 and current and goal are filled with the numbers from 0 to 15 inclusive, only appearing once each.

It loops fine the first 3 iterations (until a=3) but then it keeps outputting b = 0 forever.


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what is cp and gp used for? seems sum is never calculated –  CyberSpock Oct 29 '11 at 15:29

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I don't know what you want to do, but I'll tell you something: cp and gp are too much small. As written, they should be big N * N instead of N * 3 (== 12).

Now, here cp[4*a+b] you should have written N*a+b. If N == 4 then it's the same. Otherwise...

And it isn't clear: int current[N+1][N] this will be (with N == 4) a 20 array element. You are then copying in a linearized array of N * N elements (or perhaps N * 3, see above)...

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Ah! Thanks! I forgot to change that when I was testing –  Kamran224 Oct 29 '11 at 15:20
To be clear on why this turned into an infinite loop, it is likely that either cp[13] or gp[13] was actually pointing to b (because it happened to be right after that array in memory), and current[3][1] or goal[3][1] was 0, so it kept setting b to 0 in a non-obvious way. Definitely undefined behavior. –  Aaron Dufour Oct 29 '11 at 16:16

I think your loop is overwriting memory. if N = 4 then you are allocating cp[12] and gp[12]. Yet when a = 3 cp[4*a+b] and gp[4*a+b] both are [12] which is past the end of the array

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One problem is that cp and gp are too small. You're assigning to elements with indices up to 4*(N-1)+(N-1), yet the arrays are only 3*N elements long.

When you write past the end of the array, the behaviour of your program is undefined.

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It looks like you're overflowing the cp and gp buffers. You should be allocating 4*N space for them, not 3*N. Can you try changing that? I would, but I'm away from my computer.

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