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I'm installing openbravo. The install log shows a heap of SQL errors which are all "not null" constraints errors.

I already searched quite a while for how to fix this, but they only say how to drop the not null constraint in a single table.

What I want is to configure the PostgreSQL server to run in a loosen state which doesn't complain the "not null" at all. I know there is an option for MySQL, but I don't know what is it for PostgreSQL.

Update: I have eliminated the install error by unchecking "install sample data"' option. What a hard and simple fix!

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I'm gonna guess the real issue is the app trying to insert a NULL instead of DEFAULT. But we don't have enough context to really know. glad your fix worked, or at least works for now. – Scott Marlowe Oct 30 '11 at 19:00

i know there is an option for mysql, dont know what is it for postgres

Contrary to MySQL the PostgreSQL server does not offer a way to shred your data in such a simple way. Your only chance is to remove the NOT NULL constraints from your tables.

BTW: If the constraints are not important - as you say - why are they there at all?

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yes, constraints are necessary. but what i want to fix, is just to make openbravo successly installed. but the software just breaks itself from the inside during installing. which showed a lot of not null errors. what i got is the same as this guy "Snaketails" got in here – user1019877 Oct 29 '11 at 15:53
@user1019877: You might be able to get a list of all NOT NULL columns from the information schema, remove all the NOT NULL constraints (except on PKs!), and then put them all back after your installation. – mu is too short Oct 29 '11 at 18:20

You can't to do it. There are no any global switch that allows a "loosen state"

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