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Has anyone noticed UI rendering inconsistencies within Flex applications. I am having issues with radio buttons and text controls inside a repeater. Below is a sample...

What would cause such inconsistencies? Computer performance, internet speed?

The repeater below has an XML web service acting as a data provider, using Flex's e4x support. Is there a threshold of data that can be rendered in a given Flex app?

Note that most of the time Flex renders the app ok, but most of the time is not good enough in this application.


alt text

MXML Code below, as requested:

<mx:Repeater id="rpQuestions" width="100%" height="100%" dataProvider="{srv.lastResult..Question}">
    <mx:Box backgroundColor="#FFFF99" width="100%">
        <mx:Text styleName="questionText" text ="{rpQuestions.currentIndex+1 +': ' +rpQuestions.currentItem.@QuestionText}" fontSize ="12" width="100%" selectable="false" />
    <mx:HBox visible="{rpQuestions.currentItem..Image.length() > 0}" includeInLayout="{rpQuestions.currentItem..Image.length() > 0}">
    <mx:Repeater id="rpImages" dataProvider=quot;{rpQuestions.currentItem..Image}" >
        <mx:Image source="{rpImages.currentItem.@Path}" width="350" height="250"  />
    <mx:Repeater id="rpAnswers" dataProvider="{rpQuestions.currentItem..Answer}" width="75%" height="75%">
            <mx:Spacer width="12" />
            <!-- NOTE: the RadioButton's label property is not used because long text won't  wrap. Instead we use a Text control. -->
    		selected="{rpAnswers.currentItem.@Selected == '1'}"
        <mx:Text text="{rpAnswers.currentItem.@Answer}" width="600" selectable="false"  />
        <!-- End-->

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can you post a code sample? –  Eric Belair Apr 27 '09 at 16:14
Just edited question to include the mxml. –  mmattax Apr 27 '09 at 20:10

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I would try to make sure that the hbox's inside the repeaters have a percentage set for the height (say 100% for the one with the radio buttons, its repeater which is set to 75%).

Or you could try to invalidate the display/size after the repeaters have finished creating the subcomponents ('repeatEnd' event).

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This looks like it's related to a reported bug in the Flex SDK 3.3.0:

SDK-198805: Nested Repeater components do not display correctly when there is an intermediate component

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