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Are there any shortcuts in Rails' ActiveRecord that enables you to search by value of a field?

For instance, let's say I have a 'user' who can be active or inactive. Is there a nice way of doing User.active? or do I need to do User.find_by_active(1)

Does this also apply to fields that may have many different values, such as a state column? e.g Ticket.open, Ticket.closed?

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If the active attribute is a boolean column in the database then you can simply call User.active? and it will return true or false depending on the value of the boolean.

In the case of the a state column this will not work. However you could create methods for the User model like...

def open?
  true if self.state == "open"

def closed?
  not open?
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The open? method can just return self.state == "open" - no need for the explicit true. – John Topley Apr 28 '09 at 8:07
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Answering my own question here:

Named Scopes:

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