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I am trying to debug my mobile website which is running on Nodejs. In some part there are those lines:

var log_line = {accessCount: accessCount, x: x, time: t};

Which are suppose to log parts of the users page request. The path is defined as app.get('/:x?.:y?.:z?', function(req, res){ ).

For some users this works fine, but for others in the log I only find a line saying "{"accessCount": 1, "time": "10/10/10"}". How is it possible? shouldn't it at least printed the x without anything beside it? what could cause this effect?

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If x is undefined, it won't get printed:

> JSON.stringify({x:undefined})
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If you are looking for a solution to get over it. Change the code as

   if (!x) {
    x = "NOT_DEFINED" // or your own place holder value
   var log_line = {accessCount: accessCount, x: x :, time: t};

or more terse would be

   var log_line = {accessCount: accessCount, x: x ? x : "NOT_DEFINED", time: t};
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