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I'm setting up drag and drop for my NSOutlineView and I want to prevent parents being dropped on one of their children. The parent and children are all of the Group entity. I understand I need to do this in the outlineView:validatedrop method. I think I need to create an NSFetchRequest with the NSPredictate to get all the children of the parent, but I don't know what the predicate should be.

Edit: it should be recursively, so it should also get the children of children, if any.

Any suggestions?

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- (NSDragOperation)outlineView:(NSOutlineView *)ov validateDrop:
(id <NSDraggingInfo>)info proposedItem:(id)item proposedChildIndex:(NSInteger)childIndex;

In this above method, you can manage the drag item can or can't accept. Please, return NSDragOperationNone, means prevent drop.

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Instead of digging into the core data objects, I just look at the NSTreeNodes instead, following Apple's sample code.

Bindings take care of updating the underlying core data model. Once again, if it looks too complicated, it's probably not the correct approach.

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