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in vim if I set

 iabbrev @@ mail@myMail.com

when I write in insert mode @@<space> vim replace @@ with mail@mimail.com.

When I write a tex file and I use a single letter in Upper (A,B,...) this letter should be between $ ($A$, $B$, ...)

How I can make a iabbrev for this ?

I think in some similar to this

 ia <space>[A-Z]<space> <space>$[A-Z]$<space>
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And how will you write the first-person subjective case personal pronoun efficiently? –  sidyll Oct 29 '11 at 22:05
I write in spanish, I don't need the "I" –  JuanPablo Oct 29 '11 at 22:29

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Use a for loop to create 26 abbreviations:

for ch in range(char2nr("A"),char2nr("Z"))
    execute "ia ".nr2char(ch)." $".nr2char(ch)."$"
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I modify "ai ..." to "ai <buffer> ..." ;) –  JuanPablo Oct 30 '11 at 0:25

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