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I created files:


express  = require('express')
routes   = require('./config/routes')
app      = express.createServer();




module.exports = (app) ->
  app.configure = () ->
    # set view path, template engine and defsult layout
    app.set 'view', __dirname + '/views'
    app.set 'view engine', 'jade'


site = require('../controllers/site.js')
module.exports = (app) ->
  app.get '/', site.index


exports.index = (req, res) ->
  res.render 'main.jade', {title: 'New Article'}

Problem is in site.coffee file, becouse when I don't write extension like 'jade' ExpressJS engin trying open files with 'undefined' extension. How Can I remember view engine from environment file ?

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You shouldn't need the line

app.set 'view engine', 'jade'

As the Express docs say, all it does is allow you to omit the .jade extension, e.g.

res.render 'main', {title: 'New Article'}

Your problem is, I believe, the line

app.set 'view', __dirname + '/views'

which you're running from config/environment.coffee. __dirname is file-specific, so you've set your views directory to config/views—probably not what you intended. Try just omitting that line; the default is path.join process.cwd(), 'views', which I'm guessing is what you actually want.

Also, although you have a comment about setting the "default layout," I don't see one. So if you continue to have problems, you may want to try

res.render 'main.jade', {layout: false}
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