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I have a site which copies a file from a URL to my sever. I need a way of getting a SHA of the file after it has been copied.

I was using @copy($url,$upload_path) to copy the file but this returns a boolean I need something that returns the file. Does anything like that exist?

I need to get the file afterwards for sha1_file($file)


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You can just

if (@copy($url,$upload_path)) {
  $hash = sha1_file($upload_path);

$upload_path already contains the value you would need to pass to sha1_file().

And, as a general rule, the @ operator is evil. I will admit that this particular usage of it is arguably valid, but as a rule of thumb it should treated as a last resort.

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Brilliant, thanks!! – Corey Oct 29 '11 at 20:35

sha1_file takes a filename. The $upload_path you've supplied to copy is a filename. You should be able to do:


to get your sha1.

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