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I wanted to know that are there any Free APIs available for message sending? I actually wanted to send a message to minimum 50 people at a time via my application. Is there any Free API available for message sending?

I want to send messages to their cell Numbers.. Is there any API for sending text messages to Cell Numbers?

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SMTP? What kind of messages to you want to send? –  Albin Sunnanbo Oct 29 '11 at 20:42
well verification messages i want to send.. –  Abid Ali Oct 29 '11 at 20:56

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You can do that by sending to the email txt address, all cell phones have email addresses you can send to. Number@provider.

* AT&T – cellnumber@txt.att.net
* Verizon – cellnumber@vtext.com
* T-Mobile – cellnumber@tmomail.net
* Sprint PCS - cellnumber@messaging.sprintpcs.com
* Virgin Mobile – cellnumber@vmobl.com
* US Cellular – cellnumber@email.uscc.net
* Nextel - cellnumber@messaging.nextel.com
* Boost - cellnumber@myboostmobile.com
* Alltel – cellnumber@message.alltel.com
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Abid lives in Pakistan, do you have some Pakistanian operators too? –  Albin Sunnanbo Oct 29 '11 at 20:44
Ah sorry, I was thinking just the US... don't know about over there. –  Orn Kristjansson Oct 29 '11 at 20:45
I think this is probably US only (I just tried in the UK and it doesn't work) –  s1mm0t Oct 29 '11 at 21:02
Great..i never new that every cell no has an email id associated.. –  Sangram Jun 6 '12 at 6:51

2 possible solutions are:

  • Include the addresses that you want to hide as BCc in the email
  • Create an email group on your mail server (containing all the individual email addresses) and use that email group address in your C# code

or do like this ...

using System.Net.Mail;

then further down your code...

MailMessage message = new MailMessage();


foreach (string recipient in recipients) // assuming recipients is a List<string>

EDIT: there are three ways to send text messages to cell

  • Using a GSM modem: Better when one wants to implement offline applications and a very small number of SMS go every minute, usually few 10s.
  • Using web service: Better when it is an online application and a very few number of SMS go every minute, usually few 10s.
  • Using endpoints given by service the provider: Better when the number of SMS exceeds a few 100s per minute. Service provider demands a commitment

I strongly recommend you pls go through this link for more information

of at least 100,000 SMS per month.

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helpfull! :) but still confused.. –  Abid Ali Oct 29 '11 at 21:14
can i be sending free sms? :/ –  Abid Ali Oct 29 '11 at 21:15

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