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I heard that there are companies that offer virtual lab, where you're can install your mobile applications on different mobile devices and play with it using video camera. This is of course, to save money and not buy every device ever released. Can you please post link to such services?

I googled but didn't come up with relevant results. We have problem with various Android versions with different resolutions and such service can help us.

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I don't understand why someone downgraded this question – Jack Juiceson Oct 30 '11 at 20:30
Some (bigger) companies built such a thing for internal testing/use... but from what I gather there is no such thing commercially available for external clients... I suspect you heard of so-called "virtual testbeds" BUT these are not about the software/application part, they are used to simulate different mobile network scenarios... – Yahia Nov 8 '11 at 21:43

Both T-Mobile and Nokia offer services that seem to match what you are asking for: T-Mobile's Virtual Developer Lab and Nokia's Remote Device Access

Nokia's system (unsurprisingly) limits you to Nokia devices, T-Mobile's service offers a mixture of mostly Blackberry's and HTC's (full list here) though notably they also offer the Dell Streak.

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I have user device anywhere. They were pretty good, and were even kind enough to refund me for a month that I was billed for, but did not use. I ended up running virtual devices in our labe for android, and rim, and bought a cheap itouch for the ios.

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Perfecto Mobile:

Pros - Cost effective tool, Faster accessible in medium to slower network.

Cons - Creating the automation scripts are a bit tedious, Limited network support (like Verizon, Sprint Mobile etc)

DeviceAnywhere Studio:

Pros - Very Good tool for automation scripting, good variety of networks and devices supported

Cons - Consumes large bandwidth of Wifi, Costly(around Rs 1000 Per hour)

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