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What I want is sticky footer with 100% width (or footer that stretches horizontally along with opened website), and I want to set a color for it. But when I scroll page I don't want the footer to be stuck at the bottom, I want it to scroll away with page when I scroll it.

Then above the footer I want a 3 (right, left and center-content) column centered layout that has a header and also horizontal navigation bar area. Then outside this layout I could set background a color and also background image that is attached to top.

Is this possible at all? I followed Ryans Faits method but wasn't sure exactly how to put this all together.

Can anyone help me with css and html code? I appreciate your help!

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If you have something you've tried already, you need to post it. As it is, it seems as if you're asking someone to do it for you. :) – Jared Farrish Oct 29 '11 at 22:00
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Looks like you're looking for something like this:

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