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I'm developing an Android app which presents Google Calendar data for a specific Google account (which the users do NOT have access to). I understand GData does not support Android, so I'm using Google APIs Client Library for Java instead. I don't want to save the credentials in the Account Manager, since they're private, and I can't use OAuth since that requires the user to type the credentials into a webpage via redirection, and the user obviously doesn't know the credentials. Any ideas?

tl;dr: Want to access Google Calendar data for a specific account without providing the user with credentials or giving them any power over the account.

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Have you found your solution for this matter? I'm stuck on same things for few days already. Thanks for sharing. – JHHoang Sep 20 '12 at 14:18

If you're willing to only support Ice Cream Sandwich and above, you can use the new Calendar.Contracts API. But other than that, I highly doubt you're going to find anything that meets your criteria.

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