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How to pass an array via $_GET in php?

So I have a script which receives a $_POST with var Board[] containing an array of IDs.

I realized when adding ShareThis to the pages that folks wanting to share the result set would send an invalid link.

I definitely can add a delimited parameter to the script so ShareThis can pass


My question is whether there is a way to do this using the current Board[] var?

http://foo.com/bar.php?Board[]=3,4,5 fails. Is there a way?

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Sure, just do:

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What you want to do is something like this:


Then, if you print_r($_GET['Board']); in bar.php, you will get something like:

Array (
  [0] => 3
  [1] => 4
  [2] => 5
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Number array serialization is very easy. Use join(',', $Board) to form a comma-separated ID string, use explode(',', $_GET["Board"]) to get the array back.

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