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I am moving a UIImageView with the following animation:

[UIView animateWithDuration:.5 delay:0 options:(UIViewAnimationCurveLinear | UIViewAnimationOptionAllowUserInteraction)
                     myImage.frame = CGRectOffset(myImage.frame, myImageOffset.x, myImageOffset.y);
                 completion:^(BOOL finished){

The problem is the image starts moving slow, then speeds up and slows down again before ending the animation. Isn't the UIViewAnimationCurveLinear option supposed to make the animation perform at a constant rate?

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Try using this option instead - UIViewAnimationOptionCurveLinear. I found it while looking at this question on another site - http://www.iphonedevsdk.com/forum/iphone-sdk-development/89009-block-animation-ignores-uiviewanimationcurvelinear.html

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worked perfect thanks!!! –  user975134 Oct 29 '11 at 23:49

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