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audio element is playing with volume:


At a certain point I want to fade out the volume, rather than have it cut abruptly, so in essence I want


but there needs to be some very brief delay in between these changes so they are audible and I get my fade out effect. What is the proper way to do this?


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You should look at setTimeout() or setInterval(). – ObscureRobot Oct 29 '11 at 23:59

You could use a setInterval():

// Initial volume of 0.20
// Make sure it's a multiple of 0.05
var vol = 0.20;
var interval = 200; // 200ms interval

var fadeout = setInterval(
  function() {
    // Reduce volume by 0.05 as long as it is above 0
    // This works as long as you start with a multiple of 0.05!
    if (vol > 0) {
      vol -= 0.05;
    else {
      // Stop the setInterval when 0 is reached
  }, interval);
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I would wrap the setTimeout inside of the function, as well as the options. Regarding the factor, 0.01 will be a safe value to decrease without you having to know or adjust the initial value.

function fadeVolume(volume, callback)
    var factor  = 0.01,
        speed   = 50;
    if (volume > factor)
            fadeVolume((audio.volume -= factor), callback);         
        }, speed);
    } else {
        (typeof(callback) !== 'function') || callback();
fadeVolume(audio.volume, function(){
    console.log('fade complete');

Once the fade is complete, it will fire a callback that you can use to play the next song.

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You can use this mouse key event too.

audio.on('keydown', function() {
// and here keep increasing or decreasing the volume, untill keyUp

As being viewed, its jQuery! You can use it for your work. Also, the audio tag is for the div, that contains the audio tag!

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