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I have an issue with mongoid inheritance. I have a Zipcode with inherits from Location class both mongoid documents. It has the following simple inheritance structure:

class Zipcode < Location

Also I have an object which fills out the Zipcode object using nested_attributes. I have noticed when it tries to create the Zipcode object it instead creates a Location object instead. In my test code everything works fine but in my production code things do not work properly.

After running ruby-debug over my code I have found the following behavior in the file: ~/work/Project/bson/ruby/1.9.1/gems/mongoid-2.2.3/lib/mongoid/document.rb:277

Breakpoint 2 at /Users/pc/work/Project/bson/ruby/1.9.1/gems/mongoid-2.2.3/lib/mongoid/document.rb:277
@_type ||= [descendants + [self]].flatten.uniq.map { |t| t.to_s }
(rdb:48) p descendants
(rdb:48) p Zipcode.ancestors && [Location]
(rdb:48) p descendants

See it's strange that descendants (which is in BasicObject) gets filled out when Zipcode.ancestors is called. I am using Ruby1.9.2, Mongoid 2.2.3 and Rails3.1.1.

Questions: Is there something special in the mongoid syntax to get inheritance in nested attributes? Is there an issue that needs to be fixed in either mongoid, rails or ruby?


Just to show that breaking into the test code works the first time:

Breakpoint 1 at /Users/pc/work/Project/bson/ruby/1.9.1/gems/mongoid-2.2.3/lib/mongoid/document.rb:277
@_type ||= [descendants + [self]].flatten.uniq.map { |t| t.to_s }
(rdb:1) p descendants
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Found the solution had to change

config.cache_classes = true 

in config/environments/development.rb. It messes up inheritance in rails sometimes apparently.

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