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How I can get a window's descriptor if I know only a part of it's title and it's className?

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FindWindow() requires the full title. Use EnumWindows(), or GetWindow()in a loop, to enumerate through all available windows, calling GetClassName() and GetWindowText()on each one and compare the values to your search criteria until you find a match.

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Something like this:

BOOL CALLBACK EnumWindowsProc( HWND hwnd, LPARAM lParam ) {
  wchar_t   lpClassName[128] = {0};
  MYSTRUCT* MS_INFO          = ( MYSTRUCT* )lParam;

  GetClassName( hwnd, lpClassName, _countof( lpClassName ) );
  if( strstr( lpClassName, MS_INFO -> lpClassName ) ) {
    wchar_t lpWindowName[128] = {0};
    GetWindowText( hwnd, lpWindowName, _countof( lpWindowName ) );

    if( strstr( lpWindowName, MS_INFO -> lpWindowName ) ) {
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