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I'm almost done writing an image editing program, but ran into a problem that should have a simple solution.

Basically, I've built a set of buttons and NSTextFields and a Custom View into the main xib, just dropping them straight off the Library into the default window (and then, of course, linking them up with IBOutlets and IBActions). One of the buttons is an "Open" button that calls a function. The function does several things: it runs a NSOpenPanel, and then changes some of the NSTextFields (used for changing image name and path). That code is called as follows:

- (IBAction)openButtonPressed: (id)sender {
    [self runOpenPanel];

Now I also happen to be running my keyDown handler from the Custom View, as I've told it to acceptFirstResponder. (I know, it's probably bad practice to not write a separate Controller class, but that's best left for another time.) So my keyDown event looks like this (simplified, as in the actual code I have has if statements to handle certain keys separately that don't pertain to this question):

- (void)keyDown: (NSEvent *)theEvent {
    [self runOpenPanel];

So they both use [self runOpenPanel] but from different contexts. The problem I'm having is that "runOpenPanel" makes a few calls to change IBOutlets, like this:

-(void)runOpenPanel {
    // Omitting some of the trivial NSOpenPanel code
    [myTextField setStringValue: @"The file name NSString from the aforementioned omitted code."];

So myTextField updates when the function is run by an Interface Builder button, but not when run by the Custom View's keyDown handler. Is there some way to call runOpenPanel that will allow it to access myTextField? I've tried using [[super self] runOpenPanel] (don't laugh) and a number of other things. Thanks in advance!

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Wait, why are you showing the Open Panel in keyDown? Are you responding to Command+O or something? –  Francis McGrew Oct 30 '11 at 3:05
Also: Are you using a block (completion handler) to begin your Open Panel? –  Francis McGrew Oct 30 '11 at 3:12

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