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i have wrote following algorith for extended GCD algorithm,just dont know how to return triple and could anybody help me?

using namespace std;
int gcd(int a,int b) {  return (b==0 ?a:gcd(b,a%b));}
long long gcd(long a,long b) { return (b==0 ?a:gcd(b,a%b));}
template<class Int> Int gcd(Int a,Int b) { return (b==0 ?a:gcd(b,a%b));}
template<class Int>
struct Triple
  Int d,x,y;
  Triple(Int q,Int w,Int e) :d(q),x(w),y(e)) {}


//extended GCD
/* computes d=gcd(a,b)
also x and y such that d=a*x+y*b and return tripls (d,x,y)
template<class Int>
Triple <Int> egcd(Int a,Int b) {

   if(!b) return Triple<Int>(a,Int(1),Int(0));
   return Triple<Int>(q.d,q.y,q.x-a/b*q.y);

int main(){

     int a=35;
     int b=13;

 return 0;

how to finish it using my triple struct constructor?please help me

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You may want to take a look at std::tuple in C++11. – Siu Ching Pong -Asuka Kenji- Mar 27 '15 at 19:43
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(1) Correct the constructor, it does not compile (remove one bracket):

Triple(Int q,Int w,Int e) : d(q), x(w), y(e) {}

(2) In main() call:

Triple <int> t = egcd(a, b);
cout << t.d << ", " << t.x << ", " << t.y << endl;
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guys thanks for help,but i have question,my account has constrant like this:i can't post more then 50 question in 30 days,is it natural or it is just special constraint? – dato datuashvili Oct 30 '11 at 8:34
It seems that there is such a limit, see…. You can research further on – Jiri Oct 30 '11 at 9:01

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