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After cabal install Djinn which is using QuickCheck, the executable file is in ./.cabal/bin/djinn.

then I copy the executable to the directory Downloads/Djinn/UU/Examples/

want to run example Equality.hs then djinn Equality.hs, can not parse command

then ./djinn then :load full path/UU/Examples/Equality.hs

return cannot parse command

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What's in Equality.hs? I can't find it in djinn's source repository. Also, djinn is not supposed to work on Haskell source, is it? –  sr_ Oct 30 '11 at 10:22

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As the comment says, this doesn't make much sense. Djinn doesn't work on Haskell source files as far as I know. Also Djinn doesn't appear to use quickcheck.

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