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I am using PHP to send a json string to jQuery ajax. I am simply using $("#id").html(data.result) to display the html from the fetched page. Now on the fetched page I am looping through MySQL results. I need to run a piece of javascript on each result so I can start a countdown timer for each result.

My problem is that the calling page simply displays the actual javascript script as a string.

$row_array['result'] .= '<script>trigger script</script>'

Any suggestions?


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I think that we're going to need more information. A sample of the returned JSON from your script AND the JavaScript that you're running. How have you tried to implement it already? –  Coulton Oct 30 '11 at 8:59

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If part of data.result is javascript, it is not executed. Try this:

$script = 'alert("this is javascript");';
$html = '<b>blah blah this is html<b>';
$row_array['result'] = json_encode(array('script' => $script, 'html' => $html));

and then instead $("#id").html(data.result) use:

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Though using eval is evil... sometimes it is the only way. if you show us your code we might be able to help more... –  Hailwood Oct 30 '11 at 14:10

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