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I'd like to print the ra (return address) register in my assert function for debug purpose. I'm working on MIPS cpu. I tried the following code but the compiler doesn't like it:

unsigned int  RA;
unsigned int* pRA = &RA;
asm volatile("sw $ra, %0" : "=r" (pRA));


static volatile unsigned int RA;
asm ("mov $ra, %0" : "=m"(RA));

Unfortunately, I've found gcc documentation regarding inline\extended assembly unclear to me.

Thanks, Michael

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Either of the following should work:

 unsigned int x;
 asm volatile ("move %0, $ra" : "=r" (x));
 asm volatile ("sw $ra, %0" : "=m" (x));

If you insist on using a pointer value asm volatile ("sw $ra, %0" : "=m" (*pRA)); is the way to go (without the dereferencing you'll get a pRA will end up pointer to the the return address rather having the value stored in RA). You can read more about the constraints in the GCC inline assembly HOWTO.

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