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I have an app which i want to open a webview right now i am loading the webview the most simple way i would like to load the webpage in the background so the user will not have a waiting time maybe in a service running in the background or in a prevoius activity i looked around the forums and could not find a refrence to the subject help will be appriciated. Thx

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I hade the same problem a while ago, I know what you want. Asynctask! here is a good link I read on to get it to work!


How you get it to work properly. Load your webview in the doInBackground and perhaps a ProgressDialog that shows that your app i working?

GL mate

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You can set the webview's visibility to GONE and load the page and when onPageFinished is fired, you can then show the webview.

Hope this helps.

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An onPageFinished event is fired when a HTML-code is loaded into a WebView. If later some JavaScript-code will run, a webpage will continue to create, it takes time. Visibility = GONE does not affect a time of loading (have just tested). – CoolMind Apr 11 at 11:40

you can use asynctaskLoader take a look it's better than the asynctask because it can manage the orientation changed and some other cool things...

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