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I'm trying to attach an XElement to an SMTP message i'm sending.

My code looks like this:

XElement xmlMsg = new XElement("Test",new XElement("TestSon", "DummyValue"),new XElement("TestSon2","DummyValue"));
using (MemoryStream memoryStream = new MemoryStream())
        byte[] contentAsBytes = Encoding.Default.GetBytes(xmlMsg.ToString());
        memoryStream.Write(contentAsBytes, 0, contentAsBytes.Length);
        // Set the position to the beginning of the stream.

        memoryStream.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);

        // Create attachment

        ContentType contentType = new ContentType();
        contentType.MediaType = MediaTypeNames.Text.Plain;
        contentType.Name = "Conversation.xml";
        Attachment attachment = new Attachment(memoryStream, contentType);

However, my email is received with the XML file clipped at the end, without the last 2 chars...

Am i missing something here?


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What encoding is Encoding.Default on your system?

If it is UTF-16 I expect the two bytes are a BOM which is (for some reason) not being included in the byte count.


  • Put xmlMsg.ToString() into a local variable, and check it in the debugger.
  • Have a look at the bytes in memoryStream
  • Look at the content of the email message in the raw, possibly copying the unencoded attachment so you can manually decode as a binary file.

Ie. check each step with as little automatic re-interpretation (eg. by an XML viewer) as possible.

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