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I have an interface which is generic:

public interface DataTable < T > {


And I have a Factory class returning an instance of my class that implements DataTable<T>

public class DataTableFactory<T> {

    public DataTable<T> getInstance() { 
             return dataTableImpl();

And another class named as list which has a method public void setDataTable(DataTable < T > dataTable)

Now i just want to invoke this method by using java reflection:

Helper helper = new Helper(operationsFile);
Class c = null;
c = Class.forName(helper.getClassName("list"));
Object t = c.newInstance();

Method methodSetDataTable = c.getDeclaredMethod("setDataTable", paramTypes);

In this example I couldn't find how to get paramTypes.

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Without seeing the method declaration for setDataTable, I expect the param type will be just DataTable.class.

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In fact, type erasure ensures that the param type can't be anything more specific. – Barend Oct 30 '11 at 12:09

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