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I need to find events plugin for Wordpress, that show different event calendars for different pages. For example:

  1. - will show only events of this man.

  2. - will show only events of this man.

* Start time with the hours must be too. Like: Event was started 11/10/2011 14:13 until 12/10/2011 15:30.

Visitors just see calendars, but have no options to order some.

This plugin should have option to work with multiple number of calendars. Like:

  1. Calendar for John
  2. Calendar for Michael

In these calendars administrator can add new events.

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One plugin that should work for what you are attempting is the WP Editorial Calendar Another option that would work well would be embedding google calendars into the site based on the user.

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Yes, embedded google calendars was the best solution to solve this problem. – Vital Oct 31 '11 at 7:55

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