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As we all know (don't we?), the FTP functionality on Dreamweaver is inexcusable for a professional product, but I bear with it because Dreamweaver has other useful stuff that overshadows the FTP.

However, I have a specific FTP situation which has been annoying me for a few years now, and was hoping someone had a solution.

We use the ZEND encryption on some PHP files. Once you do that, the files are no longer text file (but instead, binary files).

My understanding is that Dreamweaver FTPs everything as binary (maybe I misunderstand?), but each time I upload (FTP) those ZEND-encrypted PHP files to a server using Dreamweaver, they do not work (just a white screen -- meaning they are corrupt).

I have to drop into the command-line FTP, FTP into the server, and manually PUT the files (after typing BIN of course). Not too hard, but adds extra steps I would rather avoid.

Is there any adjustment, tool, add-on, or ANYTHING that will force Dreamweaver to upload the files correctly?

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Dreamweaver doesn't send everything binary - it has an option kicking around somewhere where it auto-selects which method to use. You can force it on or off dependant on certain file types, I believe - but I'm not positive how. You'll have to check out the documentation or browse the menus :) –  Andy Moore Apr 27 '09 at 18:10

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Looks like you have to modify your FTPExtensionMap.txt, that's what Dreamweaver uses to select the FTP transfer mode.

Although that would make all .php files to be transferred in BINARY, which may not be what you want if you're transferring back & forth between Win/UNIX/Mac other non-encoded .php files

Here the instructions on how to modify the file.

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Tried it - didn't work (although according to documentation, it should). When I say 'didn't work', I mean that file still renders white screen. –  OneNerd Apr 27 '09 at 18:39

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