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I have number of C++ API's and I want to access them using P\Invoke in VB.Net.Following are the C wrapper written for some of the API's.Can anybody tell me how to use P\Invoke to access these methods in VB.Net.

In wrapper.h:

typedef void * VERIFY_HANDLE;
extern VERIFY_HANDLE Verify_Create();
extern void VERIFY_SetVerified(VERIFY_HANDLE, bool);
extern bool VERIFY_GetVerified(VERIFY_HANDLE);
/* etc, etc */

In wrapper.c:

#include "wrapper.h"
#include "Verify.h"
VERIFY_HANDLE Verify_Create() { return (VERIFY_HANDLE) new Verify(); }
void SetVerified(VERIFY_HANDLE h, bool b) { ((Verify *)h)->SetVerified(b); }
bool GetVerified(VERIFY_HANDLE h) { return ((Verify *)h)->GetVerified();  }
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Have a look at pinvoke.net. They have many signatures listed for using pinvoke and they provide VB.net signatures so you can see how to wrap your functions. –  Frank Hale Oct 30 '11 at 14:14

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The free P/Invoke Interop Assistant can create Vb.Net P/Invoke code automatically from that C header file.

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Hey thanks for the link. –  sachin Nov 1 '11 at 7:09
Mark:Can you please tell me what will the signature for 'HRESULT Get_GetLastHR(void *)'.I am using 'Public Shared Function Get_GetLastHR(ByVal param0 As System.IntPtr) As Integer' , but it showing me signature error –  sachin Nov 1 '11 at 7:19

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