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I'm working on a ruby on rails app which connects to Jira through jira soap. I browsed through the Jira SOAP API documentation but could not figure out a way to log time for an issue. What method(s) do I've to use to allow users to log time for some issue?

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addWorklogAndAutoAdjustRemainingEstimate is the one I'm using in my scripts

This is a snippet of python code that might be useful to you:

d = datetime.datetime.now()
timestamp = "%s-%02d-%02dT%02d:%02d:00+01:00"%(d.year,d.month,d.day,d.hour,d.minute);

log = self.client.factory.create("ns0:RemoteWorklog")
log.comment = comment # a string
log.timeSpent = time # in the usual format (2h30m )
log.startDate = timestamp

# task is the name of the tast (a string)
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Via the addWorkLogXxx methods, where Xxx is what to do with the estimate.

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for ruby developers, worklog class from jira4r gem can be accessed via : Jira4R::V2::RemoteWorklog

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