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I am trying to write Ant scripts to build jar files for Oracle ADF application and I noticed some differences in the contents being generated by the build (deploy might be a better word actually) process within JDev and from the Ant process:

  • META-INF/adfc-config.xml
  • META-INF/adflibWEBINDEX.txt
  • META-INF/adfm.xml
  • META-INF/faces-config.xml
  • META-INF/jar-adf-config.xml
  • META-INF/jar-connections.xml
  • META-INF/jax-ws-catalog.xml
  • META-INF/oracle.adf.common.services.ResourceService.sva
  • META-INF/task-flow-registry.xml

Does anyone know how these files are generated and how to edit the Ant scripts to include them?

I know that some of these exist in the project folder structure but when I compare their contents against the same files generated from the Jdev build produced jar file they are different. So I assume there is something more than a simple copy going on here.



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Your best bet is to use "Create buildfile from project" in JDeveloper. This will produce the calls to ojdeploy necessary to create/update all the extra artifacts.


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