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Below is problem and code:

I'm clicking on an anchor which has an href set already.

Step1, upon anchor fileMove click, I'm preventing it from firing original href because I'm opening a popup for user to click something and provide some info.

    e.preventDefault(); //prevent orignal href
    showdevDialog(); //dialog popup call

     function showdevDialog(){
$('#JQueryFTD_Demo').dialog(); //dialog with div JQurryFTD_Demo

     //this will be in document.ready
    root: 'D:\\Test',
    script: '../jqueryFileTree.jsp',
    expandSpeed: 1000,
    collapseSpeed: 1000,
    multiFolder: true,
    loadMessage: 'Please Wait While Loading...'
    }, function(file) {
    }, function(dir){
        moveFileToFolder(dir); //once user selects a folder passing 
                                              //it to function          

This function hides the popup and then constructs a new href using the folder name then binds click event.

     function moveFileToFolder(dir){
var _href = $('#fileMove').attr("href");
$('#fileMove').attr("href", _href + '&moveto=' + dir);
//alert("Inside func.. " + dir);}

But the click event once again calls $('#fileMove').click() which has preventDefault and nothing happens.

How do I get around this problem?

Any help appreciated.

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You could use the .preventDefault() conditionally only when the dialog is visible by doing something like this:

    if ($("#JQueryFTD_Demo:visible"){
        e.preventDefault(); //prevent orignal href
        showdevDialog(); //dialog popup call

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thanks for the quick answer. But firing the click event from moveFileToFolder will go back to fileMove.Click and calls the showdevDialog. It is soem what circular.. bad coding by me – Alapati Oct 30 '11 at 17:01

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