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My App is supposed to search the stored Images based on the search Query. The User can search in label, description, people tagged in, time posted . for that I am trying to make a Search Query parser that accepts wild card (*) @TaggedPeopleName (DateFrom - DateTo) #Place and all other texts to match label and description. My question is am I reinventing the wheel ? or there already exists such parser may be with similar functionality ?

Example Queries are:

  • @JohnLenon 500 Miles

    will return the Images that Match 500 Miles in Label or in description and has a Tag of John Lenon

  • (24 Dec - 30 Dec)

    will return all Images uploaded in that time Frame.

  • #Kolkata (24 dec - 31 Dec) Occupy Together

    will return all Images that Match the String Occupy Together in Label or in description and withing the Time Frame 24 dec to 31 Dec and Taken at the Place Kolkata

If some Library already does this may be with different syntax I'll accept. as I am not sticked to this syntax only

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Add some example queries to your question, which I think will make more clear what you're looking for. – hakre Oct 30 '11 at 16:15
Check Edit............... – Neel Basu Oct 30 '11 at 16:30
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To my knowledge, there is nothing that does this automatically for you - it's way too particular to your situation.

I would break it down in chunks to make it easy.

Search for all terms starting with @ - remove them.
Search for all terms starting with # - remove them.
Search for all terms surrounded by () - remove them.
What's left is the general search term.

Things to think about:

  • What if someone wants to search for a term in a description that starts with @ or #?
  • What is the format of the () terms - most people won't naturally format dates as you have?
  • What if someone just puts in junk between the ()?
  • What if two words are separated by another token, but after removing them are put together?
  • Or what if the person puts two words together but doesn't want them searched for as one term?
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