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How would I go about building a regex that allows only digits, with no spaces, and an optional "+" at the beginning?

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You need to be more specific about what you want to match your regex; phone numbers in different countries are commonly written in different formats with different separating characters and different numbers of digits. eg. +1(123)456-7890 or +12-34-1234-5678 or +55.1234.1234 –  Alex Q Oct 30 '11 at 17:20

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try this


^ anchors it to the start of the string, $ to the end

\+? is the optional +

\d is a digit and the following + is the quantifier that says at least one (digit).

A useful resource to learn regular expressions is the tutorial of regular-expressions.info

And Regexr is a very useful resource to test regular expressions, see this regex here online

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You need to match a +,maybe, followed by digits. The + is a special character, so you need to escape it. To match a telephone number on its own (nothing else in the string) do ^\+?\d+$, to match it in a larger string omit the ^ and $ for just \+?\d+. You can obviously also change \d+ to \d{7} if you know how many digits there should be.

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This one should work: ^\+?\d+$

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