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I've searched over this topic but found very few details which were helpful. With these details I've tried to cook some code as follows.

Note: Please compare the details shared in this post with other posts before marking this as DUPLICATE, and not just by the subject.

- (NSArray *)getDataCountersForType:(int)type {
    BOOL success;
    struct ifaddrs *addrs = nil;
    const struct ifaddrs *cursor = nil;
    const struct sockaddr_dl *dlAddr = nil;
    const struct if_data *networkStatisc = nil; 

    int dataSent = 0;
    int dataReceived = 0;

    success = getifaddrs(&addrs) == 0;
    if (success) {
        cursor = addrs;
        while (cursor != NULL) {
            if (cursor->ifa_addr->sa_family == AF_LINK) {
                dlAddr = (const struct sockaddr_dl *) cursor->ifa_addr;
                networkStatisc = (const struct if_data *) cursor->ifa_data;

                if (type == WiFi) {
                    dataSent += networkStatisc->ifi_opackets;
                    dataReceived += networkStatisc->ifi_ipackets;   
                else if (type == WWAN) {
                    dataSent += networkStatisc->ifi_obytes;
                    dataReceived += networkStatisc->ifi_ibytes; 
            cursor = cursor->ifa_next;
    return [NSArray arrayWithObjects:[NSNumber numberWithInt:dataSent], [NSNumber numberWithInt:dataReceived], nil];    

This code collects information of internet usage of an iPhone device (and not my application alone).

Now, if I use internet through WiFi or through 3G, I get the the data (bytes) only in ifi_obytes (sent) and ifi_ibytes (received) but I think I should get WiFi usage in ifi_opackets and ifi_ipackets.

Also wanted to add that if I'm connected to a WiFi network, but am not using internet, I still get value added to ifi_obytes and ifi_ibytes.

May be I'm wrong in the implementation or understanding. Need someone to help me out.

Edit: Instead of AF_LINK I tried AF_INET (sockaddr_in instead of sockaddr_dl). This crashes the application.

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The thing is that pdp_ip0 is one of interfaces, all pdpXXX are WWAN interfaces dedicated to different functions, voicemail, general networking interface.

i read in apple forum that : The OS does not keep network statistics on a process-by-process basis. As such, there's no exact solution to this problem. You can, however, get network statistics for each network interface.

In general en0 is your Wi-Fi interface and pdp_ip0 is your WWAN interface.

There is no good way to get information wifi/cellular network data since, particular date-time!

data statistic (ifa_data->ifi_obytes and ifa_data->ifi_ibytes) are stored from previous device reboot.

i don't know why, but ifi_opackets and ifi_ipackets are shown just for lo0 (i think its main interface ).

yes. Then device is connected via WiFi and doesn't use internet if_iobytes values still come because this method provides network bytes exchanges and not just internet .

- (NSArray *)getDataCounters
    BOOL   success;
    struct ifaddrs *addrs;
    const struct ifaddrs *cursor;
    const struct if_data *networkStatisc; 

    int WiFiSent = 0;
    int WiFiReceived = 0;
    int WWANSent = 0;
    int WWANReceived = 0;

    NSString *name=[[[NSString alloc]init]autorelease];

    success = getifaddrs(&addrs) == 0;
    if (success) 
        cursor = addrs;
        while (cursor != NULL) 
            name=[NSString stringWithFormat:@"%s",cursor->ifa_name];
            NSLog(@"ifa_name %s == %@\n", cursor->ifa_name,name);
            // names of interfaces: en0 is WiFi ,pdp_ip0 is WWAN 

            if (cursor->ifa_addr->sa_family == AF_LINK) 
                if ([name hasPrefix:@"en"]) 
                    networkStatisc = (const struct if_data *) cursor->ifa_data;
                    NSLog(@"WiFiSent %d ==%d",WiFiSent,networkStatisc->ifi_obytes);
                    NSLog(@"WiFiReceived %d ==%d",WiFiReceived,networkStatisc->ifi_ibytes);

                if ([name hasPrefix:@"pdp_ip"]) 
                    networkStatisc = (const struct if_data *) cursor->ifa_data;
                    NSLog(@"WWANSent %d ==%d",WWANSent,networkStatisc->ifi_obytes);
                    NSLog(@"WWANReceived %d ==%d",WWANReceived,networkStatisc->ifi_ibytes);

            cursor = cursor->ifa_next;


    return [NSArray arrayWithObjects:[NSNumber numberWithInt:WiFiSent], [NSNumber numberWithInt:WiFiReceived],[NSNumber numberWithInt:WWANSent],[NSNumber numberWithInt:WWANReceived], nil];
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Thanks a lot. This code worked wonders. Also thanks for explaining the stuff. –  Sahil Nov 5 '11 at 14:10
how do i call this code? –  Eduardo Iglesias Feb 4 '12 at 6:52
You need to import this libraries: #include <arpa/inet.h> #include <net/if.h> #include <ifaddrs.h> #include <net/if_dl.h> –  user982705 Feb 11 '12 at 21:51
Is it possible with this code to track data traffic per iOS application ? –  fvisticot Apr 30 '12 at 15:36
@Mat: The solution I've designed if for enterprise clients and is not deployed on the AppStore. –  Sahil May 21 '12 at 4:48

it's important to understand that these counters are provided since the device's last boot.

So, to make effective use of them, you should accompany every sample with the device's uptime (you can use mach_absolute_time() - see this for more information)

Once you have counters samples + uptime you can have better heuristics as to data use...

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