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Is there a way to convert or get the mapping from BizTalk map to an excel or a text file. From where we can directly see what field is mapped to what filed instead of following the lines. I have an BizTalk map which had around 600 fields mapped.

any pointers will be really helpful.

EDIT: My attempt to solve my problem: http://bmc.codeplex.com/

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Created a small application which will parse my BTM file and give me an excel file with all the mapping. –  rsapru May 22 '09 at 3:56

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Created a small application which will parse my BTM file and give me an excel file with all the mapping. Uploaded the same to http://bmc.codeplex.com/

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XSLT isn't a tabular format that would be represented well in a spreadsheet. It would be possible for simple mappings, but any time transformations are created or multiple fields joined to one, or one split to many, it just gets messy.

If it is a simple mapping, then a script that translates to XSLT into a CSV format is probably the easiest to get it into Excel. Unless you want to load it into a DOM and use the Excel objects to build it directly. Unless this isn't a one time thing, that is probably overkill.

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You can look here at the BizTalk documenter that will provide help-style documentaiton on many BizTalk artifacts including maps. You can also just take a text editor and look at the XSLT that is created but with such a large map that can be a daunting task. I've heard of some developers creating there own XSLT to convert the maps XSLT into a table like format but I cannot find any of that code off hand. I'll search around and see if I can find another way as well.

You can also look here but I honestly haven't use this before so its at your own risk on what it outputs.


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