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If a have a code window open in Visual Studio, how can I quickly have the Solution Navigator or Solution Explorer show the current file is open?

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Tools -> Options -> Projects and Solutions -> General -> 
Track Active Item in Solution Explorer
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I wonder why this isn't checked by default!? –  Danield Jul 9 '13 at 10:45

Resharper? Alt + Shift + L?


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You might be right! On the other side are there any developers out there not using Visual Studio + Resharper? That would be really weird, right? –  mosu Apr 28 '13 at 19:34

With larger solutions, I find the Track Active Item option annoying as it often rearranges the view in Solution Explorer as I move from one code window to the next.

My preference is to use an extension called Code Maid, which allows you to find the item in the Solution Explorer via a context menu popup or keyboard shortcut. Has other features that you may find useful as well.

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Code Maid works great, has a shortcut that instantly shows the current file. –  SLC Sep 19 '12 at 12:21

http://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/ef4ac3e9-d056-4383-8ca2-11721bd879b4 Here is a plugin which does that. It is also provided with on/off button which makes it comfortable to use.

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