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Is there a way to view the PHP error logs or Apache error logs in a web browser?

I find it inconvenient to ssh into multiple servers and run a "tail" command to follow the error logs. Is there some tool (preferably open source) that shows me the error logs online (streaming or non-streaming?


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See What commercial and open source competitors are there to Splunk? and I would recommend https://github.com/tobi/clarity

Simple and easy tool.

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You good make a script that reads the error logs from apache2..

$apache_errorlog = file_get_contents('/var/log/apache2/error.log');

if its not working.. trying to get it with the php functions exec or shell_exec and the command 'cat /var/log/apache2/error.log'

EDIT: If you have multi servers(i quess with webservers on it) you can create a file on the machine, when you make a request to that script(hashed connection) you get the logs from that server

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Since everyone is suggesting clarity, I would also like to mention tailon. I wrote tailon as a more modern and secure alternative to clarity. It's still in its early stages of development, but the functionality you need is there.

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I've found this solution https://code.google.com/p/php-tail/

It's working perfectly. I only needed to change the filesize, because I was getting an error first.

56       if($maxLength > $this->maxSizeToLoad) {
57                $maxLength = $this->maxSizeToLoad;
58                // return json_encode(array("size" => $fsize, "data" =>   array("ERROR: PHPTail attempted to load more (".round(($maxLength / 1048576), 2)."MB) then the maximum size (".round(($this->maxSizeToLoad / 1048576), 2)    ."MB) of bytes into memory. You should lower the defaultUpdateTime to prevent this from happening. ")));
59       }

And I've added default size, but it's not needed

125       lastSize = <?php echo filesize($this->log) || 1000; ?>;
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