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A long time back I started to attempt to code some simple web apps with spring MVC ( using maven), and I remember it wasn't something I could setup in 30 minutes.

Is there a step by step tutorial setting up Spring MVC with intellij?

I'm looking to setup a base spring mvc application, simple hello world for now with:

Spring MVC

How long would it take a seasoned developer?

Wish there was a specific tutorial that uses IntelliJ, and explains all things like artifacts, modules and other IntelliJ specific project layout concepts.

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There's no "should" for how long something like that will take. It takes as long as it takes--there are a variety of things that can get in the way and hold back progress.

Assuming IntelliJ, Java, and Maven knowledge, I don't see any reason why getting a hello, world Spring MVC app would take more than 15-30 minutes if no other issues are encountered.

See this example for a pretty straight-forward introduction. The whole thing would likely take longer than 30 minutes, although I haven't timed it or anything.

Current Spring has several simplifications over the linked tutorial.

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It took me two days to set up a Spring MVC application, because of several errors I made. I documented everything I did here:… This tutorial explains how to set up a Spring 3 project with Maven and Eclipse. It should be fairly easy for IntelliJ users, because Intellij comes prepacked with Maven support and it will automatically detect that you're using Spring and ask you to create a Spring facet that gives you extra Spring support. – Julius Jul 9 '12 at 17:13
@Julius Your tutorial saved my day! Thank you so much! – Gayan Jayasingha Jun 4 '14 at 18:13

Go to the following link,+Hibernate+and+JSON

after reading this tutorial you will find your hand gets dirty with:

Spring MVC, JPA (select and delete), MAVEN, JSON, IntelliJ idea.

On the Approximate time it depends on you. But it's easy and fast enough.

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To get a Maven-based Spring MVC application, launch SpringSource Tool Suite ( and then go to File > New > Template Project > Spring MVC, and then follow the prompts. Total time if you've got STS? ~20 seconds.

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That's Eclipse, first of all, and doesn't address actually learning anything. Could use a Maven archetype and do the same thing, but that's not really the question, IMO. – Dave Newton Oct 30 '11 at 19:45
Josh, I'm assuming this like having logging, nhibernate, mvc controller hello world setup. Not really askign how long it will take to learn. – Blankman Oct 30 '11 at 19:47

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